Wine & Gold Drive
Omeo, Cassilis, Swift's Creek,

Minimum 30 mins plus stops

Get off the Great Alpine Road and explore the drive from Omeo to Swift's Creek via Cassilis and Tongio West, once thriving mining towns until the early 1900s. A fascinating tour through history, encompassing vineyards, historic cemetery and mining relics such as the Jirnkee water race and the old Warden Mine Battery. There is considerable mining heritage throughout the Cassilis Historic Area.

Victoria Falls Gorge
Omeo, Cobungra Station, Vic Falls

Minimum 40 mins plus stops

The road winding up to Mt Hotham offers spectacular mountain panoramas as well as some fascinating historical sites. The Victoria Falls, which was home to the state's first hydro-power scheme, makes an ideal picnic spot in summer. Victoria Falls, is 20 minutes from Omeo, past Victoria's largest cattle station, Cobungra Station (don't forget the annual Geebung Polo Match, Easter Sunday) and turn right at the Victoria River turnoff.
Drive down the road for 2 kms to Victoria River picnic ground. Enjoy the shade of the Black Sally gums, or explore the riverside. Continue about 5kms further through a number of gates and you will see a parking area on the right. Walk down a short track to see the magnificent Victoria Falls and the gorge that receives it. Interpretive signage gives you details on how to explore the rest of this fascinating area. The country to the right as you drive out is reputed to be some of the best Merino sheep breeding country in the land.

Rivers Run Wild
Omeo, Omeo Valley, Anglers Rest

Minimum 40 mins plus stops

For river lovers there is no surpassing the wild and beautiful Mitta Mitta and Cobungra rivers. Popular with white-water rafters and considered an angler's paradise, these rivers can be accessed at numerous points throughout the district. On the Omeo Highway, take the exit from Omeo towards Tallangatta, turn right to drive through the picturesque Omeo Valley and find the great picnic spots by the Mitta Mitta and Historic Mitta bridge.
Alternatively continue along the Omeo Highway and arrive at Anglers Rest, where the Mitta Mitta River and Cobungra converge.

Anglers Rest, Blue Duck & Bundarra Valley

The drive will take about 30 mins from Omeo following the Omeo Highway, continue past the Benambra turn-off and continue following the main road (C545). Anglers Rest is popular and well known for rafting and kayak enthusiasts, fishermen and people looking for a relaxing pace and good food. Just past the Blue Duck, turn left and explore Bundarra Valley. You will find Packer High Country Horse riding out that way so, for a real high country experience, this is one that cannot be missed. Rustic accommodation is also available at the Willows if you want to lose yourself for the night.

Great Alpine Discovery Drive

From Omeo, travel on the Omeo Highway. Once past Anglers Rest turn left and follow the Bogong High Plains Road. This road (closed in winter) takes you to the Bogong High Plains and Falls Creek past historic cattlemen's huts with breathtaking views across the High Country.

Bush Delight

Minimum 1.5 hrs plus stops

The Nunniong Forest Drive, starts at Bindi (the bottom of 'Gap' between Omeo and Swift's Creek) and winds its way deep into the Australian bush. The road takes in Nullamunjie Olive Grove and Tambo Valley Golf Course. The road turns to a winding gravel road and you may pass a log truck or two, so take care. You will climb up onto the Plains passing the Washington Winch (a steam driven winch once used for logging); pause to appreciate the feat of early cable loggers who used the winch to snig logs up steel hillsides. Stay on the main road until you reach Moscow Villa, an old forestry log hut on the left. Take some time out to stretch your legs and explore the short walking trails. Just past Moscow Villa is Bentley Plains, a collection of huts and a top spot for a picnic or walk through alpine heath. The road continues down a leisurely winding road to Ensay North farmland. Continue on to the historic Little River Inn for a refreshing ale.

Benambra, Lake Omeo, Blowhard drive

The Omeo region offers considerable diversity - mountains, rivers, forests, alpine meadows and High Country grazing land. This 1.5hr drive features the rolling hills of Hinnomunjie, sweeping Omeo High Plains of Benambra and the usually dry Lake Omeo. Stop off at McMillans lookout for a panoramic view of Mt Hotham to the west and the Brothers to the east, to the north you will see Mt Kosciusko. Continue on to Benambra passing the Hinnomunjie race course (picnic races are held there each Labour Day weekend - Saturday; an event not to be missed). Once in Benambra have a cold ale and chat with the locals at the Benambra Hotel; the historic brick church next to the hall offers a great photograph. Visit the cemetery to see local history and get a great view, about 1 km out of town, past the hall and the CFA shed. Travel back into town across the intersection past the pub and follow the road along Lake Omeo (don't be fooled - it does fill up sometimes during the winter months). Make your way up the hill (Blowhard drive); the highest point on the road is the best view in the district. Be careful and take the gravel road slowly. The valley in front of you is the Omeo Valley. The view is best later in the day when the shadows are long. Drive carefully down the hill; once at the bottom, you can turn right to visit the historic Mitta bridge on the Mitta Mitta river, a great camping spot. Or turn right to head back into Omeo.